(Together Everyone Achieves More) is what has enabled us to do four projects. Our T.E.A.M. is composed of surfing historians; collectors and surfers from across the globe.

Duke Kahanamoku diving from a ships upper deck. By A. R. Gurrey Jr.

Harry Bold: Durban, South Africa. Star of the "Endless Summer"

Desoto Brown: Honolulu, HI. Curator Bishop Museum and his book " Surfing: Historic Images From Bishop Museum Archives” is a companion book to "Surfing in Hawaii, 1778-1930"

Alan and Courtney Carpenter: Honolulu, HI. State Parks Archaeologist and town boy, joined by three surfing keikis.

Barbara Del Piano: Curator Outrigger Canoe Club, OCC life long member, author of "Outrigger Canoe Club, the first Hundred years, 1908-2008.

Keith Maynard Eshelman: San Diego, California. Keith’s passion for life revolves around surfing, his career as a CPA/CFO, his lovely wife Chris, and their three children, Devin, Carey, and Robyn. You can view his surf movie poster collection at his Gallery of Surf Classics www.surfclassics.com

Geoff Cater: New South Wales, Australia. Geoff lives/surfs/sails on the South Coast. His principal interests are his children, Liz and James, the history of surfcraft design and the music of Bob Dylan. "Although http://www.surfresearch.com.au/ is a messy, cut-rate, hard-to-use site (at least of this writing), it is by far the best single source of information for early Australian surf history." Matt Warshawʻs "History of Surfing"  Sources, page 479. (Me! I think it's a great site and highly recommend, Tim D.L.V.)

Chris Cook: Kapa‘a, Kauai. Got the vision in 1965, first board a Simmons-template Dave Sweet. Moved to North Shore of Oahu from East Coast in 1970, and to Kauai in 1979. Travel- explored Pacific Rim in 70s. Today editor of The Garden Island newspaper in Kauai, author of numerous books. Wife, author Evelyn, sons Davy & Christian.

John R. K. Clark: Honolulu, HI. John's latest book, "Hawaiian Surfing: Traditions from the Past" “John Clark, a Hawaiian surfer, lifeguard, firefighter, and historian, has studied Hawaiian, read Hawaiian sources on surfing, and built up a massive file of these texts for analysis and translation. More recently, he has tapped into the growing online database of Hawaiian-language articles on native history and culture that were published from the 1830s to the 1940s. By searching out practically every known reference to Hawaiian surfing, Clark has produced an amazing study of the sport, one that far surpasses any previous work. Furthermore, because he has included so much rich source material here, presented in both Hawaiian and English translation, this compilation will long serve as a treasury of traditional surfing lore—one that allows readers to delve deep and come up with their own understanding of Hawaiian surfing.” Ben Finney, Emeritus Professor of anthropology, University of Hawai‘i

Jamie and Maria Clark: The South Westʻs finest collectors, digging up treasures.

Sandra Kimberley Hall (Sandy): Honolulu, HI. Sandy grew up at Sydney's Freshwater Beach, Australia, where Duke surfed in 1914. She was raised hearing stories about the Duke. She has spent 15 years re-tracing Duke's footsteps around the world for a 600 page bio. She believes that more than ever, the world needs to see how a "successful" life can be redefined as a life like Duke's: of harmony, aloha, grace, and humility. She welcomes contributions of photos, insights, interviews, and ideas. Her other passions are trekking remote Himalayan trails and her two adult children, Andrew and Kate. Books by Sandy include "Duke: A Great Hawaiian" and "Memories of Duke".

Al Hunt: Bateau Bay, Australia. Al is married with three wonderful kids. As International Tour Director for the ASP, he travels seven months a year overseas where he collects surfing memorabilia. Al is the curator of the largest collection in the world of surfing magazines.

Mark & Cindy Fragale: Kailua, HI. Curator Honolulu Surfing Museum, renowned surfing writer and historian.

Bob ‘Jens’ Jensen: Kula, Maui Cinematographer, transplanted ‘Joisey’ boy and hard core collecting fanatic. Jens lives on Maui with his lovely wife Suzanne and son Sean.

Allen Kukel: San Diego, CA. Child Support Officer, Allen has raised two surfing keikis, Allyson and Joe. This Palos Verdes ‘Bay Boy’ grommet has grown to one of the major collectors of surfing literature. To Surfers Everywhere: "Share a wave and keep all surf spots clean."

Daved Marsh: San Diego, Calif. Daved marsh paddles the seedy backwaters of the collecting world, looking for obscure surfing references so you donʻt have to. No thanks are necessary, but... Be afraid. be very afraid... www.surfwriters.com

Dr. Patrick Moser: Drury University Surfing Professor. Editor of "Pacific Passages" An Anthology of Surf Writing.

Dr. Keao NeSmith: Kekaha, HI. Hawaiian scholar, assisted John R. K. Clark in his latest book.

Steve Pezman: San Clemente, California. Began surfing Huntington Beach/Seal Beach in 1957, out of the back of his buddy’s ’47 Ford pickup, complete with palm thatched shack on the back. After numerous adventures and false starts, Pezman eventually began shaping and ended up with his own surf shop in H.B. in the later 60s. A friend, Duke Boyd, persuaded Pezman to begin freelance writing about surfboard design for International Surfing. Then he moved on to Surfer when founder Severson, moved to Maui. He served as Surfer publisher from 1970- 1991. In 1992, he and wife Debbee (who met at Surfer), left to start The Surfer’s Journal, which is now in its twentieth year.

Dan Pincetich: Surfing historian's historian, renowned collector.

Peter Robinson: Brighton, England. Peter is a dedicated surfer, historian and TV news reporter. He grew up on the chilly but beautiful East Anglian coast, and now lives in Brighton with his lovely wife Bianca and their cat Simba! Peter runs the first ever online British Surfing Museum. www.thesurfingmuseum.co.uk

“Baby Dave" Rochelen: Honolulu, HI. I ended up with this handle as a result of years of confusion in the surfing world whether I was the Dave Rochlen who invented Jams? Dave was my Uncle and we were just 12 years apart. It all started when people would call Jam's World and ask for Dave Rochlen. Judy Jams, the receptionist would ask the caller, "Do you want Big Dave or Baby Dave?" and that was it! 
My Uncle Dave was a super famous waterman; shaper; surfer; body surfer; champion lifeguard at State Beach in L.A. and a Hollywood stunt man (Capt Nemo in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea). Me, the “Baby” of the Dave’s was raised on Point Dume in Malibu, a 5th generation native California boy who discovered Hawaii at 10 years old and has spent the rest of my life getting to live and surf on the rock. I worked at Surf Line Hawaii while in the Navy, went on a deployment to Viet Nam, Introduced skim boarding and serious surfing to St Ives Cornwall, England in 1962, a life member of the Porthmer Surf Life Saving Club. Presently working with Dick Metz, Linda Michaels, Steve Wilkins and Barry Haun at Surfing Heritage Foundation doing anything to further the dream of Dick Metz and Spencer Crowl. Ready, willing and able to assist any and all involved with Tim DeLaVega in his historic efforts.

Paul Scott: Newcastle, Australia. Paul is a teacher, writer, producer and the Deputy Head of the School of Design, Communication and Information Technology at the U. of Newcastle. As well as media director for the Mark Richards Pro. He is joined in his surfing life with his wife Sharon and daughters Grace and Emma Jane.

Bob Smith: Victoria, Australia. Bob is a retried teacher, married to Noel with daughter Andrea. He loves traveling, surfing and meeting new faces.

Joel T. Smith: Hermosa Beach, CA. Surfing has been an integral part of Joel's life for over 40 years. He considers it more than a sport or recreation. It's his meditation and, outside of his family, his source of greatest joy. Joel has been married to Lorraine Flori for over 25 years and they have two children, Colette and Jaxon, both of whom have surfed with him in Hawai‘i. He is a writer and film producer with a particular interest in cultural history.

Ward Smith: Santa Cruz Mountains, California. Ward is a consultant teacher for home- schooling families for Santa Cruz City Schools. He surfs Santa Cruz, Tavarua, Kauai, Baja, and Costa Rica. He has been married to Paula, (Head of the Surfer's Medical Association) and has a daughter Maja who loves the ocean. His collection of surf books is over 1221.

Edward & Diane Stasack: Prescott, AZ. University of Hawaii emeritus professor of art and considered Hawaii primer archeology researchers,  and author of "Hawaiian Petroglyphs", "Spirit of Place: Petroglyphs of Hawaii"

Joe Tabler: San Diego, California. Former book store owner and our book authority ‘Uncle’ Joe... “A big aloha from one of the bodysurfing capitals of the world, where Fine surfing books and magazines and Finer surfing collectors meet.” www.surfbooks.com

Mark "Thommo" Thomson: Auckland, New Zealand. Mark is married to the beautiful Libby, mother of his rabid Indo surf-addict sons. Mark has surfed almost every board design since 1963 (including a barn door). He is also the N.Z agent for The Surf Travel Co.

Frederick B. Wichman: Ha`ena, Kauai. A Kaua`i boy, and a Kaua`i Museum "Living Treasure" for his collection of the island's Hawaiian place names and his re-telling of ancient legends. He often lec- tures on the pre-1768 history of the island. His seventh book "Kawelo-lei- makua" available at... www.bambooridge.com

Felip Verger: Donostia-San Sebastián, Basque Country, Spain - former editor of Spanish leading surf mag 3sesenta (www.3sesenta.com). Curator of the first ever exhibition on the history of surfing in Northern Spain: SURF X 100 1912-2012 Maritime Museum of Bilbao.

Cary Weiss: Malibu, Ca. ‘Bu boy” and a retired Public Defender, Cary is a member of the Malibu Surfing Assoc. and the Assoc. of Surfing Attorneys. Caryʻs family includes Daughter Sarah, Granddaughter Myra and wife Kristin Glover, Cinematographer and writer. “Keep the Stoke!!”